A Letter from Our CEO

Who We Are

We are executives, innovators, and scientists with a passion to develop new technologies. Our latest inventions are focused on manufacturing, waste treatment, mining, power generation methodologies, along with earth, galaxy, and universe formation and their form of energy that causes the fabrics of formations and movements. We have developed enhancements to combustion engines that make hypersonic and hypervelocity possible. 

We have migrated from 2nd generation plasma technologies and have developed 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th generations of plasma arc reactors with larger processing capacities, are up to 400% more efficient, and at 99% full-conversion capacity with 100% processing efficiency.

Our power generation engines are not combustion driven. We tend to harvest the same energy that creates planetary propulsions on earth, in space, or on other planets. Concepts vary and are unique for each required function. When in space, it is perpetual motion at 100% capacity without the need of any fuel as long as inbound with galaxy formation of required parallel movements. These same engines on earth can produce 100% energy at stand-alone mode or up to 150 times its design capacities when combined with additional enhancing engines. We shall refer to these technologies as “gav” until officially announced. These engines can power a car, a semi-truck, a house, or a city without being affected by any natural event except massive earthquakes or excess flooding events.

Further, we are a technologies validator that determines whether a tech is a duplicative or truly new innovation. We don’t make many things, but can make others more efficient, cleaner, and faster. We make things work better.

Regarding Other Matters:

In year 2013, we chose to close the corporation after 22 years of operations. Our conscious decision stemmed from the U.S. Congress’s demand of transferring our technology to China against $15bn cash payment by Congress itself. We rejected the unwarranted and meritless offer. To explain, our 3rd generation plasma arc reactor operations alone can generate over $6.8bn per month when implemented globally. Why would anyone sell such a productive concept for 2 months of value? The interactions showed us who are friends and who are not. Curiously, within 4 months of our closing, China stopped taking trash globally and California ceased trash sorting facilities in January of 2014.

Coincidence? I think not.

At this juncture, we no longer agree to any integrations of our products within a few countries until further notice or when technologies are fully protected without patent requirements in place.

The list is as follows:

·       United States

·       Canada (permanent Ban)

·       France (permanent Ban)

·       Japan

·       China (permanent Ban)

·       South Korea (permanent Ban)

·       Holland

·       Switzerland

·       Panama

·       Costa Rica (permanent Ban)

·       Colombia

·       El Salvador (permanent Ban)

·       Chile

·       Argentina

·       Nicaragua (permanent Ban)

·       Quam

·       Jordan (permanent Ban)

·       Egypt

·       Morocco

·       Bahrain

·       Serbia

States with lifetime bans:

·       Texas

·       California

·       New York

·       Washington D.C.

·       Delaware

All other inquiries are welcome.


Farid Seif, CEO